Allergy Testing & Treatments

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What are Allergy testing treatments?

Allergy testing and treatments help to identify and eliminate allergies that cause the most common symptoms of the disease. These treatments may be used for a wide range of patients, from infants to adults. By identifying the allergens that trigger your symptoms, you can take steps to avoid them and live a healthier life.

Milk Protein Testing

This exam involves drinking milk in a slow, graded fashion under medical supervision. The food challenge procedure is the most accurate test to determine whether a food needs to be avoided or no longer need to be avoided.

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What makes our treatments so special?

At PEDGA we’ve taken care to make your treatments the smoothest experience possible. Our child and family-centered approach addresses every aspect of your child’s care, making you and your child our partners in their health.

Comfy environment

All treatments are administered in a quiet setting with comfy reclining chairs. We provide beverage and snack as well as blankets and pillows.

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