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Our infusion center is a large room with 6 infusion chairs so that we can closely monitor all of our patients at once. Nurses are available within a few feet of each exam room to monitor patients and be available to them.


Water, juices, snacks, and blankets are available for infusion patients while you are here, but feel free to bring anything of your own. We have a large screen TV, which patients typically take turns choosing movies to watch. Our Wi-Fi network is “Infusion Public” and it is set up specifically for patient use.

What You Need to Know

Before you come in:

  • You are welcome to come by for a tour of the infusion room!
  • Notify the infusion center of any insurance changes.
  • Notify the infusion center if you have a fever or infection, so we can ask your doctor if it is safe to infuse you.

While you are here:

Your companion. Your mom, dad, grandparent, significant other, etc. who is with you can come back with you while you are getting your infusion.

  • Getting started. Once we have called you back, we will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. We will then start your IV and draw blood from the IV, if ordered by your doctor. If your doctor ordered pre-medications, we will give those to you in the form (oral, IV, or both) your doctor ordered.
  • Medicine delivery. After we turn on your medication, it will be delivered at a slow rate to start, and we will gradually increase it. You will get your bag of medicine followed by a bag of normal saline to flush out your IV line and make sure you receive all your medicine.
  • Duration of treatment. Depending on the drug you are getting, you can expect to be here anywhere from 45 minutes to roughly 2 hours.
  • Monitoring your progress. We will take your blood pressure and pulse every 30 minutes while you are getting an infusion.
  • Finishing up. Once your medicine and saline are finished, we will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature one more time before we remove your IV. We will give you discharge papers that explain some symptoms to look out for after your infusion and a school or work note, if needed. If you have any concerns after your infusion, please call our office 786-888-2480.

Roberto E. Gomara, MD
Director | Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Gomara has more than 18 years of experience in Pediatric Gastroenterology. He specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients who have IBD; such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. He is also highly trained in endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies. Dr. Gomara’s research efforts are focused on patient outcomes and disease monitoring for the treatment of IBD. As director, he oversees the services and coordination of medical care at the center with the goal pf partnering with each patient to provide seamless care.

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What makes our treatments so special?

At PEDGA we’ve taken care to make your treatments the smoothest experience possible. Our child and family-centered approach addresses every aspect of your child’s care, making you and your child our partners in their health.

Comfortable environment

All treatments are administered in a quiet setting with comfy reclining chairs. We provide beverage and snack as well as blankets and pillows.

Media & games

Watch a movie or play a videogame while receiving your treatment using our entertainment center.

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